Asia/Africa update: September 27-28 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Defense Secretary James Mattis visited Afghanistan on Wednesday, and either ISIS or the Taliban decided to welcome him to the country by firing rockets at Kabul’s international airport after his flight touched down. Both groups claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed at least one civilian, wounded 11 more, and forced the airport… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 27-28 2017

Asia/Africa update: August 31 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A mine killed three police officers in Afghanistan’s western Farah province on Wednesday, while another mine in the country’s eastern Paktya province killed a man trying to disarm it on Thursday. Fortunately, help (?) is on the way, I guess. US Defense Secretary James Mattis on Thursday signed orders sending more American soldiers to… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: August 31 2017

Asia/Africa update: August 9 2017

NORTH KOREA If you’re concerned that it’s become impossible to tell the difference between the rhetoric coming from Donald Trump and that coming from Kim Jong-un RE: nuclear war, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is here to tell you it’s all OK: “I think Americans should sleep well at night, have no concerns about this… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: August 9 2017

Europe/Americas update: August 2 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA As expected–he really didn’t have much choice considering Congress could’ve and would’ve overridden his veto–President Trump signed into law a bill levying sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korean on Wednesday. While I would argue that the bill has greater ramifications with respect to Iran–it designates the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: August 2 2017

Asia/Australia/Africa update: June 28-29 2017

ASIA UZBEKISTAN One of Uzbekistan’s more charming features is the annual enslavement of much of its population to pick cotton, which remains one of the country’s most important products. The World Bank has implemented projects in Uzbekistan that are meant to diversify its agricultural sector away from cotton, but a new Human Rights Watch investigation… Continue reading Asia/Australia/Africa update: June 28-29 2017

Middle East update: June 27 2017

FYI, this is only going to be a partial update since I’m going to be out most of this afternoon and evening. SYRIA There was a bit more today on the strange White House statement last night regarding Bashar al-Assad’s alleged preparations for “another” (assuming you believe there have been others) chemical weapons attack. The… Continue reading Middle East update: June 27 2017

Asia/Africa update: June 21 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Uh-oh, looks like the Pentagon made a little fashion faux pas in Afghanistan: US taxpayers unnecessarily spent $28m on uniforms for the Afghan National Army, according to the US inspector general tasked with overseeing the war. In a scathing report, John Sopko said that officials bought “forest” pattern uniforms, despite the country’s landscape… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: June 21 2017