World update part 1: March 1 2019

MIDDLE EAST SYRIA The Syrian Democratic Forces on Friday began what should be their final offensive to capture Baghouz and close off the last ISIS-controlled enclave in Syria. The SDF has spent the past couple of weeks evacuating thousands of civilians, escaped slaves, and even some fleeing ISIS fighters from the town–some 10,000 people are… Continue reading World update part 1: March 1 2019

World update: February 26 2019

ASIA GEORGIA Georgia’s ruling party appears to be slowly breaking up: A series of defections from the ruling Georgian Dream party has left the party without the dominant majority it held in parliament and has exposed a growing fault line in the party ahead of elections next year. Over the last several days, four GD… Continue reading World update: February 26 2019

World update: January 28 2019

MIDDLE EAST SYRIA The Syrian Democratic Forces’ commander in Baghouz, Heval Roni, says that ISIS is down to its last four square kilometers of territory in Syria, a stretch of territory from the Baghouz area to the Iraqi border. The SDF believes there are “some high-ranking” ISIS bigwigs in that enclave, but doesn’t know if… Continue reading World update: January 28 2019

Asia/Africa update: January 22 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The official death toll from Monday’s Taliban suicide bombing in Maidan Wardak province stands at 43, for now, but unofficial reports still put the total killed at well over 100. The Afghans may only be reporting deaths among the National Directorate of Security staff–some of the wording in the stories I’ve read today… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: January 22 2019

Asia/Africa update: January 16 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghan Taliban leaders say they’re taking pressure from Pakistani authorities to reengage in peace talks with the United States and ultimately the Afghan government. One senior Taliban commander was reportedly arrested in Peshawar by the Pakistanis over the weekend (he was later released) and Taliban safehouses in Pakistan have apparently been targeted by… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: January 16 2019

World update: January 10 2019

WORLD BANK When it comes to the two main international institutions responsible for immiserating the developing world, the US and Western Europe have always shared responsibility. Though both positions are technically open to anyone from anywhere, the head of the International Monetary Fund historically has come from Europe, and the head of the World Bank… Continue reading World update: January 10 2019

Asia/Africa update: December 18 2018

Tonight’s updates will unfortunately have to be our last of 2018. I had hoped to continue for a couple more days before breaking for the holidays but between holiday plans, travel plans, and other commitments my attention and stress levels have reached the breaking point. Owing in part to a strange winter break schedule for… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: December 18 2018