World update: October 7-8 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN One cornerstone of Donald Trump’s totally ingenious plan to win the Afghanistan War is: air power. Damn, why hasn’t anybody else thought of this? Washington is supplying the Afghan military with 159 Blackhawk helicopters and the flight training to use them. The choppers will be delivered slowly, and the training is expected to… Continue reading World update: October 7-8 2017

World update: October 2 2017

WORLD WAR III I was all set to roll my eyes out of my head when I saw this piece in Foreign Policy, headlined “Report: Hypersonic Missiles Could Trigger a War.” But then I read the piece and, unfortunately, it actually makes a pretty good argument: Crunched for time with dire stakes, countries might adopt a… Continue reading World update: October 2 2017