World update: May 12-13 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN ISIS fighters attacked a government building in Jalalabad on Sunday, killing at least 15 people in the process before Afghan police were able to kill the attackers and end the fighting. The attackers used a car bomb and then rushed the building armed with machine guns and RPGs. It was the exclamation point… Continue reading World update: May 12-13 2018

World update: May 4 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Taliban fighters on Thursday night took control of the district of Kohistan, in Badakhshan province. At least 15 Afghan security officers were killed in the fighting before the Afghans were forced to retreat when requested supplies and reinforcements failed to arrive. This is the third district the Taliban have taken in Badakhshan, a province that… Continue reading World update: May 4 2018

World update: April 30 2018

I’m going to be out of commission most of the rest of the day, so I leave you with a short mid-day update to be continued tomorrow. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Monday morning’s missile strike against military bases near Hama and Aleppo killed at least 16 people, most of them reportedly Iranians. Casualty estimates have varied… Continue reading World update: April 30 2018

Asia/Africa update: April 3 2018

Hey, how’s it going? Long time no see. As usual when I take an extended break, there’s a lot to get through here and I’m not even going to try to cover every single thing that happened while I was gone. This update is mostly going to consist of stuff that’s happened in the past… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: April 3 2018

World update: March 23 2018

This will be the last update for March. I’m taking next week off and will return the first week of April. It’s also going to be an early and abbreviated update. Apologies. HUNGER The United Nations World Food Program boss, David Beasley, said on Friday that the number of “acutely hungry” people in the world–people… Continue reading World update: March 23 2018

World update: March 22 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Balkh governor Atta Muhammad Nur, who has been resisting an order from Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to step down since December, agreed to finally step down on Thursday. In return for finally acquiescing, he reportedly got to name a new police chief for the province as well as a new education minister in Kabul… Continue reading World update: March 22 2018

Europe/Americas update: March 14-15 2018

EUROPE NATO Four more NATO members have cleared the alliance’s informal two percent of GDP defense spending target for 2018. Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania all joined Britain, Estonia, and Greece–who met the target in 2017 and again this year–and the United States, which annually spends approximately 473 percent of its GDP on defense (I might… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: March 14-15 2018