Conflict update: December 27 2016

This may be mercifully (for all of us) short tonight. World War III Senator John McCain (R-WEBOMBINGANYONEYET) went to Estonia today and said some words about America’s commitment to NATO and protecting its Baltic members from possible Russian aggression. He was trying to reassure the Baltic states in advance of Donald Trump’s inauguration, Trump having… Continue reading Conflict update: December 27 2016

See no evil

Russian airstrikes in Syria are killing civilians, and the US and its allies are on it: “We express our deep concern with regard to the Russian military build-up in Syria and especially the attacks by the Russian Air Force,” said a joint statement from Britain, France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States, which… Continue reading See no evil

Donald Trump and the real Republican Party

The firestorm over leading Republican presidential contender Donald Trump’s ugly comments on John McCain’s military service has been telling. There’s no doubt that what Trump said about McCain was disgusting, particularly coming from somebody who spent his war-eligible years taking deferments. But what does it say about the Republican Party that a guy who has… Continue reading Donald Trump and the real Republican Party

Yeah, we sure do hate to fire up the crazies

John McCain, speaking here on Serious Republican Contender Donald Trump: Over the weekend, Donald Trump held a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, that attracted several thousand people. He shared the stage with the father of a man who was killed by an undocumented immigrant—and Trump continued his rant against illegal immigration that began when he launched his campaign and… Continue reading Yeah, we sure do hate to fire up the crazies

US strategy in Iraq and Syria depends on Iraqis and Syrians

Yesterday, at the G7 meeting in Germany, President Obama said this about the effort to counter ISIS in Iraq: Obama said that the 3,000 US service personnel in Iraq sometimes find themselves with “more training capacity than we’ve got recruits”. “We want to get more Iraqi security forces trained, fresh, well-equipped and focused and Abbadi… Continue reading US strategy in Iraq and Syria depends on Iraqis and Syrians

David Letterman and the 2008 election

For some reason I can’t really understand, my wife decided to watch Game Change a couple of days ago. She’s already seen the movie, and I’m not really sure what put her in the mood to watch it again, but she doesn’t understand why I watch The Godfather every time it’s on TV, so whatever.… Continue reading David Letterman and the 2008 election

How do you say “Days of Our Lives” in Hungarian?

Originally posted on and that's the way it was:
It’s been a bit of a rough month or so for President Obama’s ambassadorial nominees, which may have something to do with the fact that he keeps appointing people too comically inept to make it through a confirmation hearing without sounding like babbling idiots. Some…