Middle East update: March 29 2019

Hello and welcome to our next-to-last week here at WordPress! I’m packing things up and moving to Substack starting next week, when I’ll be posting in both places by way of transitioning to the new site. SYRIA Al-Monitor’s Amberin Zaman reports that Arab tribes aligned with the Syrian Democratic Forces have been trying to cut… Continue reading Middle East update: March 29 2019

Middle East update: March 11 2019

SYRIA Reuters says that ISIS is getting “pounded” in Baghouz, which is not nearly as hot as it sounds. The Syrian Democratic Forces militia earlier on Monday said it was advancing slowly into the town due to mines and other traps laid by ISIS along with the danger posed by ISIS snipers. I’m not sure… Continue reading Middle East update: March 11 2019

World update: February 20 2019

We’re having a snow day here and the news seems a little slow today anyway (or maybe my brain just isn’t working very well). So today’s update will be a little shorter than usual. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Increasingly it looks like ISIS’s remaining fighters in Baghouz are down to their last few days or even hours. The convoy sent into town by the Syrian Democratic Forces on Tuesday to evacuate the area’s remaining civilian population finally left on Wednesday, with a number… Continue reading World update: February 20 2019

Middle East update: January 22 2019

SYRIA A car bomb in the city of Latakia on Tuesday killed at least one person and wounded 14 others, according to Syrian state media. No word on responsibility–obviously ISIS can’t be ruled out, but given the location Hayat Tahrir al-Sham may be the likelier suspect. Bashar al-Assad’s government has revoked multiple-entry visas for European… Continue reading Middle East update: January 22 2019

Middle East update: December 13 2018

SYRIA The Syrian Democratic Forces reportedly advanced deeper into Hajin on Thursday, putting additional pressure on ISIS’s last Syrian outpost, while also warning that a renewed Turkish offensive in northern Syria would interfere with the Hajin operation. The SDF even reported that it’s captured Hajin’s town center, though that’s unconfirmed and probably pending the outcome… Continue reading Middle East update: December 13 2018

Middle East update: December 7 2018

SYRIA Both the US State Department and the British Foreign Office are now accusing the Syrian government and Russia of carrying out last month’s apparent chlorine gas attack in western Aleppo in order to frame rebels. The goal, according to this scenario, was to undermine the Idlib ceasefire agreement. The one that, uh, Russia negotiated… Continue reading Middle East update: December 7 2018

World update: November 30 2018

G20 I was trying to figure out why there seems to have been less news than usual over the past couple of days, and then it hit me: it’s the G20. With most of the worst human beings in the world gathered together in Buenos Aires to irritate one another, they’re forced to leave the… Continue reading World update: November 30 2018