World update: January 10 2018

ASIA MYANMAR The Myanmar military has admitted that its soldiers murdered ten Rohingya prisoners in September, during its excessive crackdown/ethnic cleansing campaign. It’s one of the few instances in which they’ve allowed that perhaps some of their soldiers acted inappropriately during the episode that saw mass atrocities committed against the Rohingya community. CHINA Beijing’s Belt… Continue reading World update: January 10 2018

Asia/Africa update: December 18 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN ISIS attacked a training ground for Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security in Kabul on Monday. Fortunately nobody apart from the attackers appears to have been killed. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani sacked Balkh Governor Atta Muhammad Nur on Monday. Technically Ghani’s people say he accepted Atta’s resignation–which must come as news to Atta, who’s… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: December 18 2017

Asia/Africa update: December 16-17 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Two separate Taliban attacks on Sunday left at least 12 people dead. An assault on a police checkpoint in Helmand province killed at least 11 Afghan police officers (other accounts have the figure higher than that), while a suicide attack on a NATO convoy in Kandahar killed one civilian bystander. Elsewhere, fighting in… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: December 16-17 2017

Asia/Africa update: September 19-20 2017

ASIA KYRGYZSTAN Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev is winning friends in Kyrgyzstan. He met on Tuesday with Omurbek Babanov, one of the candidates who will be standing for president in Kyrgyzstan’s October 15 election, and was immediately accused by Bishkek of interfering with the election. Babanov is an opposition candidate, you see, and could be a… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 19-20 2017

Asia/Africa update: September 7-8 2017

ASIA UZBEKISTAN The Uzbek and Kyrgyz governments appear to have reached an agreement this week to delineate their shared border and, in principle, to collaborate on a major hydroelectric project , the Kambarata-1 dam, on the Naryn River in Kyrgyzstan. Former Uzbek President Islam Karimov opposed Kyrgyzstan’s plans to construct dams on its rivers over fears… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 7-8 2017

Asia/Africa update: August 2 2017

ASIA TURKMENISTAN Here in America we’re just getting used to having a man-child president who likes to play with cool toys and do real manly stuff to show what a big boy he is. This kind of thing: The President's in a big-boy truck beep beep: — Deadspin (@Deadspin) March 23, 2017 Needless… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: August 2 2017

Asia/Africa update: August 1 2017

You may have noticed that I’ve been away for a couple of weeks. While I’m absolutely not going to try to catch you up on everything that’s happened while I’ve been away, I will be interspersing the usual daily news with a few stories that developed over that time. ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least 29 people… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: August 1 2017