Conflict update: December 11

Egypt A major bomb (12 kg of TNT) hit St. Mark’s Cathedral (see the photo above) in Cairo this morning, killing at least 25 people, wounding at least 49, and from the photos I’ve seen absolutely pulverizing the interior of the church. No group has claimed responsibility yet as far as I can tell, but… Continue reading Conflict update: December 11

Welcome to the glorious H-Bomb of Justice

Yeah, so a funny thing happened right around the time I was trying to put the blog away last night. First, a 5.1 seismic event was detected near North Korea’s usual nuclear testing site, which Pyongyang quickly confirmed was a nuclear test. In fact, they announced that North Korea had just tested its first hydrogen… Continue reading Welcome to the glorious H-Bomb of Justice

All’s quiet in the DMZ

Actually, that title is literally true; as part of a deal announced today to deescalate recent tension on the Korean peninsula, South Korea agreed to stop blasting anti-North Korea propaganda via loudspeaker across the DMZ. In return, North Korea expressed “regret” over the fact that two South Korean soldiers were injured in a mine blast… Continue reading All’s quiet in the DMZ