Europe/Americas update: January 31 2019

CLIMATE CHANGE Full disclosure: I am not a climate scientist. With that said, this seems pretty bad in my layman’s opinion: Again I’m not an expert! Maybe we don’t need oxygen that much? But it kinds of seems like we do! EUROPE RUSSIA What seems like the longest and most anti-climactic arms control negotiation in… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 31 2019

Europe/Americas update: January 12-13 2019

EUROPE SERBIA Thousands of people took to the streets of Belgrade to protest against Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić for the sixth Saturday in a row this weekend. Demonstrators are demanding that Vučić and his Serbian Progressive Party stop stifling press freedoms and attacking opposition leaders, and they’re preemptively expressing opposition to any deal Vučić might… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 12-13 2019

World update: December 15-16 2018

CLIMATE CHANGE The COP24 climate summit in Poland ended on Saturday with an agreement on implementing the Paris Climate Accord’s carbon emission pledges. But the process was not smooth and the outcome not without its issues: After fraught and much-delayed talks at the COP24 climate change conference here in Polish coal country, more than 190… Continue reading World update: December 15-16 2018

World update: December 14 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A joint Afghan-US offensive in Kunar province late Thursday killed 20 Taliban fighters and/or 60 civilians, depending on whose story you believe. The Taliban are obviously pushing the latter scenario, while Kabul is obviously pushing the former. The savvy reader will note that they’re not mutually exclusive. Elsewhere, a drone strike in Helmand… Continue reading World update: December 14 2018

Europe/Americas update: December 13 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA The Russian government has expelled a “military attache” from the Slovak embassy in Moscow. This is in retaliation for the Slovakian government’s decision to expel a Russian diplomat last month on espionage allegations. The captains of at least two of the three Ukrainian naval vessels seized by Russia last month say they’re refusing… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: December 13 2018

Europe/Americas update: December 5-6 2018

EUROPE Hey, you know how we sometimes talk around here about the possibility that European governments will get so sick of extra-territorial US sanctions that they’ll start thinking about dumping the dollar as the international reserve currency? Well, uh, check this out: Plans to reduce European Union dependence on the US dollar – and so… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: December 5-6 2018

Today in European history: the Second Battle of Kosovo (1448) ends

As far as I know, there have been at least five “Battles of Kosovo” fought over the years, and that’s not including the Kosovo Operation in World War II and the 1998-1999 Kosovo War. Of those five battles, the Ottomans were major belligerents in three and contributed troops to a fourth. So when you’re talking… Continue reading Today in European history: the Second Battle of Kosovo (1448) ends