Dueling narratives on Vienna

On the one hand, Al-Monitor’s Laura Rozen is reporting that significant progress was made in this last round of talks in Vienna, so much so that the Iranian negotiators may actually have felt that a deal was within reach if the P5+1 principals had stayed there another week. She writes that the P5+1 negotiators are… Continue reading Dueling narratives on Vienna

Making the news up as we go along

Wall Street Journal Washington bureau chief Gerald F. Seib, twittering about an important piece on one of their blogs today: Iran nuclear talks aren’t going well, and two former Obama advisers say it’s time for tougher talk: http://t.co/mOELeDnoAM — Gerald F Seib (@GeraldFSeib) April 4, 2014 Wow. Not going well? That sounds ominous. I’ve seen… Continue reading Making the news up as we go along