World update: October 2 2018

ASIA ARMENIA Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan led a rally of his supporters in Yerevan on Tuesday against what he called a “counterrevolution” by his political opponents. Pashinian’s rise to the premiership in May, amid massive public protests against then-PM Serzh Sargsyan, didn’t do anything to address the fact that Sargsyan’s Republican Party still has a majority in parliament.… Continue reading World update: October 2 2018

Asia/Africa update: September 21 2018

ASIA PAKISTAN Most predominantly Muslim countries have been conspicuously reluctant to criticize China over its brutal repression of its Uyghur population. Obviously nobody wants to offend a country as economically powerful as China over a bunch of Uyghurs, even though they are Muslim. It is frankly a little remarkable, then, that some of the first–albeit… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 21 2018

World update: January 30 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Everybody is talking tough about the Afghan war today, after that massive Taliban bombing in Kabul on Saturday. Donald Trump already seemed to spit on the idea of peace talks on Monday, but on Tuesday the Afghan government followed suit: “Believe me, I will take revenge,” President Ashraf Ghani said after an evening… Continue reading World update: January 30 2018

Asia/Africa update: January 29 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Monday morning’s attack on the Marshal Fahim National Defense University in Kabul left 11 Afghan soldiers dead. ISIS later claimed credit for the attack, which may have been carried out to try to mitigate some of the boost the Taliban gained after its devastating attack in Kabul on Saturday. The Taliban have described… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: January 29 2018

World update: January 22 2018

INEQUALITY Whatever else may be going on the world, it’s nice to see that unfettered crony capitalism is keeping on keeping on: The gap between the super rich and the rest of the world widened last year as wealth continued to be owned by a small minority, Oxfam has claimed.   Some 82% of money… Continue reading World update: January 22 2018

World update: January 16 2018

OIL Don’t look now, but oil prices are back up. Brent crude closed at just shy of $70/barrel on Tuesday, the highest it’s been in about three years. The joint Saudi-Russian agreement to cut supply is finally starting to have some bite to it as stockpiles are being reduced, which is bringing the oil market… Continue reading World update: January 16 2018

World update: January 13-14 2018

By way of a site update, with tomorrow being a holiday in the US I’m not 100 percent sure I’ll be blogging. If not then I’ll be back on Tuesday with two days’ worth of bad news. ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghan officials say that peace talks are underway in Turkey between Kabul and the Taliban. They’ve… Continue reading World update: January 13-14 2018