Nowruz, the Iraq War, and my eyeballs

Today is Nowruz, the ancient Iranian holiday celebrating the arrival of spring and, in the Iranian calendar, a new year. That really lovely holiday has unfortunately been marred since 2003 by the fact that it falls on the same day as the anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, for which I suppose we… Continue reading Nowruz, the Iraq War, and my eyeballs

Slow blogging

It may be a little light around here for the next couple of days. I’m trying to work on a couple of freelance ideas and it’s been a struggle because I am in one of those periodic burnout ruts at the moment. A couple of days away from writing and following a normal human sleep

Derek update: February 11 2017

Sorry folks, but you’re going to have to muddle through without me for at least one more evening. I’m not feeling well, and to top that off I’ve been having some irritating computer trouble–nothing serious, but enough of a distraction that it’s kept me from writing anything. Hopefully we’ll have this place back up and… Continue reading Derek update: February 11 2017

If you read only two things today…

I’m fighting off a bug and have a sick child home from school, so unless something moves me greatly I think the blog will be quiet for the rest of the day. But if you’re looking for something to read I’ve got a couple of suggestions. First, Atrios’s righteous anger is pretty good: Monday morning… Continue reading If you read only two things today…