Europe/Americas: June 21 2018

EUROPE The European Union wants to put migrant processing centers in Africa to screen candidates before they attempt to cross the Mediterranean. While in one sense the objective is commendable–screening people out before they risk drowning at sea rather than after they’ve already risked it–in another sense this is an effort to outsource immigrations and… Continue reading Europe/Americas: June 21 2018

Middle East update: June 19 2018

We’re a little early today because in addition to being Juneteenth we also have a family birthday to celebrate. I’ll catch you all up tomorrow. SYRIA The Syrian army is once again dropping leaflets on southwestern Syria asking civilians to expel the rebels who currently control most of Daraa province and part of Quneitra province.… Continue reading Middle East update: June 19 2018

Middle East update: April 14-15 2018

SYRIA I’ve collected most of my thoughts about Syria at LobeLog, so if you’re looking for those please go there. The upshot is that I’m not a fan: If the strike wasn’t legal, was it at least justifiable? The fact that Russia would have reflexively vetoed any action against Syria regardless of the evidence is… Continue reading Middle East update: April 14-15 2018

Asia/Africa update: April 4 2018

ASIA CENTRAL ASIA The Carnegie Endowment’s Paul Stronski looks at how Russia and China have, thus far, managed to avoid conflict over their competing interests in Central Asia. Russia has been very accommodating toward China’s Belt and Road Initiative, though to be sure it’s not like Moscow has the economic leverage to compete with Beijing. China,… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: April 4 2018

Middle East update: March 1 2018

SYRIA So far Russia’s plan to open a five hour ceasefire window every day in Eastern Ghouta to allow civilians to leave and humanitarian aid to come in has been a gigantic bust. I know, I was shocked too. The United Nations says the windows aren’t nearly long enough to actually accomplish either of those… Continue reading Middle East update: March 1 2018

World update: February 23 2018

We’re going to go with a single update again today, mostly because your bloghost is not feeling so hot today but also because I think we can get away with it. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Turkish forces shelled a convoy heading into Afrin on Friday (killing at least one person) that was carrying…well, take your pick.… Continue reading World update: February 23 2018

Europe/Americas update: January 25 2018

DOOMSDAY CLOCK The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moved us all a little closer to Armageddon on Thursday, bumping their Doomsday Clock from 2 minutes and 30 second to midnight to a flat 2 minutes to midnight due to concerns about climate change, North Korea, and nuclear arms more generally. This is as close as… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 25 2018