World update: February 13 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The AP is reporting that Afghan authorities are maintaining two separate tracks of back-channel contacts with the Taliban, one via the country’s intelligence chief Mohammed Masoom Stanekzai and the other via Ashraf Ghani’s national security adviser, Mohammad Hanif Atmar. The existence of these channels leaves open the possibility of a resumption of peace talks, but… Continue reading World update: February 13 2018

Europe/Americas update: September 19-20 2017

WAR ON TERROR Folks, if you’re like me and you spend any time on Twitter, you may think that it’s home to some of the worst people in the world. And you’re not wrong. However, as a non-Instagram user I was surprised to learn that things may be even worse over there: Researchers say Islamic… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: September 19-20 2017

Europe/Americas update: June 17-18 2017

We’re going to try a little experiment tonight and not talk about whatever absurd shit is happening at the White House. In fact, I think you’ll understand if the bulk of this update is devoted to what’s happening in London right now. UNITED KINGDOM Shortly after midnight local time, someone drove a van into a… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 17-18 2017

Europe/Americas update: June 3-4 2017

UNITED KINGDOM Saturday night’s terrorist attack in London killed at least seven people, and with 21 people reportedly in critical condition there’s still a danger that figure could rise. Just before 10 PM local time, a van struck a crowd of pedestrians on London Bridge, and then drove to Borough Market, where three attackers got… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 3-4 2017

Conflict update: March 23 2017

UNITED KINGDOM The man who killed four people yesterday, when he plowed into dozens of people on London’s Westminster Bridge before stabbing a police officer and attempting to get into parliament, has been identified as 52 year old British citizen Khalid Masood. He was apparently known to British security services, who interviewed him several years… Continue reading Conflict update: March 23 2017

Conflict update: March 22 2017

I’m going to be out this evening, so please enjoy (?) this shortened and probably too-early roundup of the day’s worst news. UNITED KINGDOM This is still very much a developing story, but at least four people, including the attacker, have been killed in London in what seems to have been an attempted attack on… Continue reading Conflict update: March 22 2017

Stonehenge just a lot bigger, and even more interesting

In technical terms, this seems pretty freaking cool: Researchers uncovered 17 new chapels and hundreds of archaeological features around the neolithic standing stones on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire, including forms of monuments that have never been seen before. Brought together for the first time in a digital map of the historic site, the discoveries transform how… Continue reading Stonehenge just a lot bigger, and even more interesting