World update: March 12 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN In addition to its ongoing, now several days long campaign in Afghanistan's Badghis province, the Taliban have also apparently been active recently in Ghazni province, and an airstrike there on Tuesday reportedly killed at least seven Taliban fighters. There are several unconfirmed reports of multiple civilian casualties from the same strike, with one … Continue reading World update: March 12 2019


Asia/Africa update: February 28 2019

AFGHANISTANA group of Taliban fighters attacked a police outpost in Balkh province on Thursday, killing five police officers in what Afghan officials described as a five hour battle. US Afghan envoy Zalmay Khalilzad described this week's meetings in Doha between his team and Taliban representatives as "productive" via Twitter on Thursday. The two sides reportedly … Continue reading Asia/Africa update: February 28 2019