Europe/Americas update: June 1, 2017

NATO Two major NATO exercises took place in Eastern Europe today, the annual BALTOPS naval exercise in the Baltics and the Romanian leg of the alliance’s “Noble Jump 2017” exercise. This did not, of course, go without notice from Moscow, whose ambassador to NATO, Alexander Grushko, issued a warning: “NATO countries should understand that all… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 1, 2017

Europe update: May 27-29 2017

THE TRUMP EFFECT Donald Trump just returned from an extended trip in Europe, where he attended a meeting of NATO heads of state and then the G7 summit in Sicily. It…didn’t go very well: Body language aside, there was much else to marvel at. In his speech at Nato’s new headquarters – the cost of… Continue reading Europe update: May 27-29 2017