Asia/Africa update: May 26-27 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A Taliban suicide attack against an army base in Helmand province on Sunday killed at least two Afghan soldiers. On Saturday, Afghan authorities opened a 12 day period to register candidates for parliamentary and district council elections this October. This vote is three years overdue and still may be disrupted by the Taliban… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: May 26-27 2018

World update: November 6 2017

Just a short one tonight. I am genuinely exhausted. ASIA AFGHANISTAN An American investigation has found that US airstrikes thankfully killed no civilians in Kunduz last week. Whew, I was a little worried that it might. I guess those civilians who reported dozens of people killed in those airstrikes were, uh, hallucinating? On an Ambien… Continue reading World update: November 6 2017

World update: October 24 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Pardoned warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar recently gave a couple of interviews to the Guardian recently, in which he denied having committed any war crimes during the Afghan civil war (what, you believe your lying eyes?) and argued, seriously, that he could be a unifying force for Afghanistan. Hekmatyar claims to be in regular communication… Continue reading World update: October 24 2017

Asia/Africa update: October 23 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Rex Tillerson’s remarks during his surprise visit to Afghanistan on Monday didn’t offer much of note, though he did reiterate a Trump administration interest in negotiating with “moderate” Taliban. Tillerson said that “there’s a place…in the government” for any Taliban who renounce violence. However, Tillerson’s visit itself did cause a bit of a… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: October 23 2017

World update: October 21-22 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A horrifying week in Afghanistan got a little worse over the weekend in two separate incidents. On Satuday, a Taliban suicide bomber hit a bus carrying military cadets from the Marshal Fahim Academy in Kabul, killing at least 15 of them. On Sunday, Nazuk Mir, a leader of the anti-Soviet rebels in the… Continue reading World update: October 21-22 2017

World update: October 19 2017

Happy Diwali to those who are celebrating! I confess to knowing little about Hinduism and even less about Diwali, so if somebody wants to educate the rest of the class in the comments please feel free. (As an aside, though there’s usually not much activity in the comments around here, be aware that I have… Continue reading World update: October 19 2017

Asia/Africa update: October 17-18 2017

ASIA KAZAKHSTAN If you’re a fan of trees, then today was a pretty good news day. Deforestation is apparently down in Brazil (I’ll get to that) and also we learned from the Rockefeller Foundation, via the Guardian, that Kazakhstan’s efforts to plant a million trees in a ring around the city of Astana are starting to… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: October 17-18 2017