World update: June 2-3 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN An archeologist was killed and four other people wounded on Saturday by a roadside bomb near the Mes Aynak dig site. No group has claimed responsibility but the goal may be to delay or undermine plans to mine copper at the site. Mes Aynak contains Afghanistan’s largest copper reserves but it’s also a… Continue reading World update: June 2-3 2018

World update: February 9 2018

Maybe everybody’s on their best behavior because of the Olympics, but it seems like the planet is a little quieter than usual today, so as a result we can get away with cramming everything into a single update. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA This has been quite a week in Syria to say the least. The Syrian… Continue reading World update: February 9 2018

World update: January 20-21 2018

GUINEA WORM Thanks in large part to the work of the Carter Foundation, Guinea Worm may soon be a thing of the past. Just 30 cases of the condition were reported in 2017, half of them from a single outbreak in Ethiopia and the rest in isolated parts of Chad. Who says we can’t have… Continue reading World update: January 20-21 2018

Asia/Africa update: September 18 2017

I got a late start today because I was working on a piece for LobeLog and also because I am extraordinarily spacey today. So if this update is briefer than usual, or if it meanders off and doesn’t make any sense–either is possible–then that’s why. ASIA AFGHANISTAN Six civilians were killed in Kandahar province on… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 18 2017

World update: September 6 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least six people were wounded Wednesday evening by a suicide bomber who attacked Bagram air base, and two civilians were killed by a roadside bomb in Laghman province. The Pentagon has finally put a troop number to its mini-surge in Afghanistan. It will deploy 3500 additional soldiers, slightly under the expected 4000,… Continue reading World update: September 6 2017

Asia/Africa update: September 4-5 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Two “gunmen” were killed by NATO helicopters on Monday in the Qarabagh neighborhood in Kabul. I put “gunmen” in quotes because there are reports that there was an engagement party happening in the vicinity, and it just so happens that one thing Afghan men like to do at engagement parties is to shoot… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 4-5 2017

Asia/Africa update: July 4-5 2017

NORTH KOREA Remember that missile test I mentioned on Monday? And remember this? North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won't happen! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 2, 2017 Yeah, so…about all that: North Korea did indeed… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: July 4-5 2017