The moral of the story

President Obama made Ash Carter’s testimony from Tuesday official today, announcing that America is putting a small Special Forces detachment on the ground in Syria. They’ll be advising and training, uh, somebody, and probably mixing it up with ISIS a little although nobody’s allowed to say so explicitly. They’ll be working with “local forces,” which… Continue reading The moral of the story

The Think Tank Man’s Burden

Almost as an afterthought, amidst this McClatchy piece warning of the imminent onset of the regions-wide Sunni-Shiʿa conflagration that’s been imminent really since 1979 but never seems to get here, blog hero Kenneth Pollack explains the mindset of the Maximum Intervention crowd pretty succinctly: Some Iraq scholars argue that the country can be saved. Decentralization… Continue reading The Think Tank Man’s Burden

Your Very Serious Guide to Future American Military Adventures

Friends, as a Very Serious Foreign Policy Thinker, I have many Very Serious Ideas about good places for American troops to go and intervene all over everybody. I would like to share with you ten current “hot-spots” and the rationale for or against (SPOILER ALERT: mostly for!) American military intervention there: Syria: The obvious pick.… Continue reading Your Very Serious Guide to Future American Military Adventures