Today in European history: the Battle of Vaslui (1475)

and that's the way it was

“Moldavia” as it existed back in the late Middle Ages isn’t really a thing anymore. Its successor, I suppose, is the Republic of Moldova, but they’re not entirely the same thing. Moldova is the direct successor state to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia, but historical Moldavia was bigger than the Soviet state, encompassing parts of modern Romania and Ukraine. It’s actually possible, although I don’t know this for certain, that more of historical Moldavia is now in Romania than in Moldova. For example, the Moldova River runs entirely through modern Romania, not once touching (nor coming particularly close to) the territory of the country named for it. And the battle we’re talking about today took place near a village that’s now in eastern Romania. It’s still a matter of debate whether “Moldovans” and “Romanians” are separate ethnic groups. It’s all kind of complicated and messy, as national borders and…

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