World update: April 2 2019

Don’t forget I’m moving to Substack! For this first week at the new site I’m posting updates there and here, but as of next week will no longer be active. You’ll need to head over to Substack and subscribe, so why not do that today? MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Although they declared victory over ISIS more… Continue reading World update: April 2 2019

Asia/Africa update: March 5 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The New York Times highlights a budding split between urban and rural Afghans over peace talks with the Taliban: As American diplomats push for a peace deal with the Taliban to end the 18-year war, a strong voice of protest, largely coming from urban centers, has been cautioning against a rushed deal that could… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: March 5 2019

Happy Presidents Day: Teddy Roosevelt and the Perdicaris Affair, 1904

President’s Day here in the US brings with it lots of anecdotes about the bygone days when the United States was not yet an imperial power and only had intermittent and sometimes eccentric interactions with the rest of the world. You’re more likely today to read about Thomas Jefferson’s war with the Barbary States or… Continue reading Happy Presidents Day: Teddy Roosevelt and the Perdicaris Affair, 1904

World update: February 7 2019

MIDDLE EAST SYRIA The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the US military plans to withdraw its forces from Syria by the end of April. It’s unclear whether this is a firm schedule or if there’s flexibility in case there’s some unforeseen complication in the anti-ISIS operation or the Trump administration hasn’t negotiated an arrangement to prevent… Continue reading World update: February 7 2019

Middle East update: January 24 2019

SYRIA At least three people were killed and eight injured by a motorcycle bomb that hit the town of al-Bab in Turkish-controlled northern Syria on Thursday. Similar bombings in the towns of Qabasin and al-Ghandura injured three people, and a bomb in the town of al-Rai was discovered by authorities and destroyed via controlled detonation.… Continue reading Middle East update: January 24 2019

World update: January 8 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A bombing in the city of Khost killed at least two people on Tuesday and injured at least 23 more. The Taliban is likely responsible. Speaking of which, the Taliban said on Tuesday that it’s canceled planned talks with US representatives in Qatar that were supposed to begin on Wednesday. The group is refusing… Continue reading World update: January 8 2019

Asia/Africa update: December 18 2018

Tonight’s updates will unfortunately have to be our last of 2018. I had hoped to continue for a couple more days before breaking for the holidays but between holiday plans, travel plans, and other commitments my attention and stress levels have reached the breaking point. Owing in part to a strange winter break schedule for… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: December 18 2018