Asia/Africa update: September 25 2018

OIL Donald Trump has been demanding that OPEC (i.e., Saudi Arabia) increase oil production to account for US sanctions against Iran and the resulting loss of Iranian production. But the Saudis and Russia–the world’s largest non-OPEC oil producer, have decided they’d rather not increase production, and, would you look at that, the price of oil… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: September 25 2018

Europe/Americas update: June 21 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA Say, things between Moscow and Washington seem like they’re going well: Russia has canceled a planned round of talks with the US in protest at new sanctions imposed this week over Moscow’s military intervention in Ukraine. The deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, denounced the new sanctions, which expanded the list of individuals and… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 21 2017

Season’s Greetings!

With Santa headed our way and Hanukkah already started, let me wish you all a very Happy Holidays from our home to yours. I must especially thank, and yes this is a plug, everyone who has generously contributed to keeping this site afloat, via PayPal and/or Patreon. I literally couldn’t do this without you. Although… Continue reading Season’s Greetings!

Saturday Night Tunes: What Is There to Say?

Friends, without making this All About Me, I’m scrambling right now. I forgot to put this in the queue before I left town, and I’ve been stymied in most of my efforts to grab a bit of internet while I’ve been away, which is why you’ve gotten a total of one (1) post since Wednesday… Continue reading Saturday Night Tunes: What Is There to Say?

Saturday Night Tunes: Boss Tenors

I need your help to keep this blog going! Please read this and consider contributing something. Also, while you’re out there on the internet tubes, please consider liking this blog’s Facebook page and following me on Twitter! And please share my work with your friends/followers to help me grow the audience around here! Thank you! Although… Continue reading Saturday Night Tunes: Boss Tenors

Saturday Night Tunes: Free for All

It’s been a while since we covered a Jazz Messengers album around here, which is amazing considering how prolific they were. Free for All was recorded in 1964, with a lineup of Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Curtis Fuller on trombone, Wayne Shorter on tenor sax, Cedar Walton on piano, and Reggie Workman on bass, plus… Continue reading Saturday Night Tunes: Free for All