World update: May 15 2018

Remember that tonight's updates are the last I'll be doing until next Tuesday. Ramadan Mubarak to anyone who is observing the fast and thanks for reading. See you next week. ASIA AFGHANISTAN The Taliban say they've captured Farah city, in western Afghanistan, after a daylong battle. Afghan authorities are promising to drive them out of … Continue reading World update: May 15 2018


World update: December 14 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghan authorities have apparently started arresting teachers working for the Afghan Turk CAG Educational NGO (ATCE), which has been running schools in the country for a couple of decades now. Why, you ask? Well, because the Afghan government and (apparently) the Turkish government believe that ATCE is a branch of the Gülen network. ATCE representatives … Continue reading World update: December 14 2017

Asia/Australia/Africa update: August 14-15 2017

ASIA UZBEKISTAN Uzbekistan may be liberalizing just a little bit: Uzbek authorities are removing large numbers of people from its blacklist of potential militants and political dissidents, state officials and media said, in a move likely to raise hopes for a more liberal climate in the ultra-secretive ex-Soviet republic. Western countries and rights activists have … Continue reading Asia/Australia/Africa update: August 14-15 2017