World update: May 22 2017

UNITED KINGDOM Normally I would lead this with whatever lunacy just broke in the Trump mess, but unfortunately something genuinely terrible appears to have happened in Manchester this evening: A number of people have died and others have been injured following a reported explosion at Manchester Arena. Witnesses said they heard two loud bangs, reported… Continue reading World update: May 22 2017

Conflict update: April 28 2017

NORTH KOREA This is kind of late-breaking so I don’t have much detail, but North Korea tested a ballistic missile of some kind early Saturday morning (local time). The test appears to have failed, but failure is just another step toward success, or something. This is definitely a new provocative step by Pyongyang, but as provocations… Continue reading Conflict update: April 28 2017

Conflict update: April 27 2017

SYRIA The cause of the explosion that happened at Damascus International Airport this morning has (more or less) been revealed: An Israeli minister has appeared to confirm that Israel struck a Hezbollah arms supply hub in Syria on Thursday close to the airport in Damascus where weapons from Tehran are regularly sent by commercial and… Continue reading Conflict update: April 27 2017