Middle East update: March 17-18 2018

SYRIA Turkish forces and their Syrian rebel proxies swarmed into Afrin city on Sunday and by the end of the day claimed that they’d taken complete control over the city. The YPG has been denying that the city has fallen but in the end it seems their fighters evacuated without putting up much of a… Continue reading Middle East update: March 17-18 2018

Middle East update: January 4 2018

IRAQ Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is apparently going to try some sleight of hand in an effort to disarm and cut the size of the paramilitary Popular Mobilization Units: Abadi’s plan envisages taking back the militias’ heavy weapons and cutting their strength by half, according to military and intelligence sources.   The army is… Continue reading Middle East update: January 4 2018

World update: December 1 2017

ASIA PAKISTAN At least four Pakistani Taliban fighters stormed a dormitory at the University of Peshawar on Friday, killing at least nine people. Most students had gone home for the holiday (today was Muhammad’s birthday, which is observed by most Muslims), so it’s possible this attack could have been much deadlier. NORTH KOREA South Korea’s… Continue reading World update: December 1 2017

World update: November 30 2017

I’ve been occupied with other projects today and on top of that WordPress wasn’t working for me for most of the afternoon. So you’re getting a compressed update this evening, sorry. ASIA AFGHANISTAN A Taliban attack early Thursday in Farah province killed four Afghan policemen. NORTH KOREA North Korea released photographs and video of its… Continue reading World update: November 30 2017

Europe/Americas update: October 20 2017

EUROPE GERMANY Angela Merkel is beginning her already unwieldy coalition talks with the Greens and the libertarian Free Democrats with a new complication just coming to light: Highlighting the challenge, a report by Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) found that there would be only 30 billion euros free for new projects over the next four years… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: October 20 2017

Asia/Africa update: October 20 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least 72 people were killed on Friday in two suicide bombings targeting mosques in Kabul and in Ghor province. The Kabul bombing, in which at least 39 people were killed, struck a Shiʿa mosque, and while there’s been no claim of responsibility this may well have been ISIS’s work given the choice of target.… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: October 20 2017

Middle East update: October 20 2017

IRAQ Iraqi forces took the last Kurdish-held district in Kirkuk province on Friday, following–and here’s where it gets bad–a three hour battle with Kurdish peshmerga. That’s the first fighting between the Iraqis and the Kurds since those skirmishes that took place during the Iraqis’ initial move into Kirkuk, and reports suggest that it’s been much… Continue reading Middle East update: October 20 2017