World update: April 23 2018

MIDDLE EAST SYRIA The Syrian military kept up its bombardment of Yarmouk for another day on Monday, though it says it targeted only areas still under ISIS control. Apparently some of the group’s fighters are refusing to leave despite the surrender agreement they negotiated with the Syrian government late last week. YEMEN The Saudi-led coalition… Continue reading World update: April 23 2018

Middle East update: April 13 2018

SYRIA BREAKING: Donald Trump will reportedly be making a “statement” about Syria at 9 PM this evening, Washington time. World on the interwebs is that he’ll be announcing strikes, but it’s not clear what they’ll involve. Come back here for updates. UPDATE: The US is bombing Syria along with France and the UK. Heavy explosions reported… Continue reading Middle East update: April 13 2018

Asia/Africa update: January 8 2018

ASIA MYANMAR The trial of two Reuters journalists accused of revealing state secrets under a colonial-era law is set to begin this week. The use of regressive laws to stifle the press is not going over well with activists: Critics and rights groups say that in some respects, press freedom in Myanmar is more restrictive… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: January 8 2018

Asia/Africa update: November 27 2017

Obviously I’ve been away for a bit. I’m not going to even begin to cover everything that’s happened in the past week, but I will try to get caught up on a few major things. ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghanistan’s next general election is scheduled for July, and as you may know Ashraf Ghani just canned the… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: November 27 2017

Middle East update: November 18-19 2017

Reserving the right to pop back up if something major happens, and of course barring some kind of unforeseen problem on the back end, this is going to be our last set of updates until Monday, November 27. Thanksgiving is going to be extra challenging this year for a myriad of family reasons, and so… Continue reading Middle East update: November 18-19 2017

Asia/Africa update: October 31-November 1 2017

ASIA UZBEKISTAN The big story of the day is obviously the aftermath of Tuesday’s terror attack in New York, and we’ll get to that later but here I wanted to try to say something about the US media’s immediate obsession with Uzbekistan. The attacker, alleged I guess, was an Uzbek national named Sayfullo Saipov, and… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: October 31-November 1 2017

Middle East update: October 2 2017

IRAQ The Hawijah operation proceeded on Monday with the Iraqis capturing the Rashad air base, about 20 miles south of the town, from ISIS. Rashad is in a fairly strategic position for deploying helicopters to Hawijah and in cleanup operations around northern Iraq, so this is a positive development. Over the weekend, ISIS apparently set… Continue reading Middle East update: October 2 2017