Asia/Africa update: April 20 2018

ASIA ARMENIA Anti-Serzh Sargsyan protests hit Yerevan yet again on Friday. A week into these demonstrations, their momentum behind them seems to be growing, not lagging: With larger rallies, spontaneous acts of civil disobedience, escalating numbers of arrests, and nonstop honking, the protests in Armenia’s capital continued to metastasize throughout the city on April 20. … Continue reading Asia/Africa update: April 20 2018


Asia/Australia/Africa update: July 1-2 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghan politics look like they're about to get more chaotic: Leaders of Afghanistan’s three major ethnic minority political parties, all of whom hold senior positions in the government, announced from Turkey Saturday that they have formed a coalition to save Afghanistan from chaos, issued a list of demands for reforms by President Ashraf … Continue reading Asia/Australia/Africa update: July 1-2 2017