Europe/Americas update: June 20 2018

WORLD REFUGEE DAY John Feffer has some thoughts about how the world is treating refugees on World Refugee Day: This week, as the international community marks World Refugee Day, 22.5 million people have fled their countries to seek refuge elsewhere. In 2016, a mere 189,000 were resettled. That’s less than 1 percent. It’s as if … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 20 2018


Middle East update: December 18 2017

IRAQ The Kurdistan Regional Government says that Baghdad is building up forces southwest of Erbil in preparation for a renewed military offensive against the Kurds. Baghdad denies this claim, but it's worth noting that the dispute over the Kurdistan independence referendum has never really been resolved, just frozen. Baghdad still wants the referendum's results "cancelled" … Continue reading Middle East update: December 18 2017