World update: April 10 2018

I’m posting a little earlier than usual this evening because I’ve decided to give this whole “sleep” thing another look. In fact if I can manage it this might become the norm going forward. ASIA AZERBAIJAN Eurasianet reports that Armenia and Azerbaijan are competing over the right to serve as Iran’s main economic artery northward… Continue reading World update: April 10 2018

World update: March 19 2018

CLIMATE CHANGE The World Bank anticipates over 140 million people around the world being displaced by climate change by 2050. The majority, 86 million, would be in sub-Saharan Africa, with another 40 million in South Asia. Assuming that humanity isn’t going to do anything serious to arrest climate change, and it’s pretty clear we’re not,… Continue reading World update: March 19 2018

Asia/Africa update: November 16-17 2017

ASIA CAUCASUS Under the radar, there seems to have been a bit of recent progress in peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh: With relative quiet continuing on the Armenian-Azerbaijani Line of Contact, bilateral negotiations were set to resume a full month after Serzh Sargsyan and Ilham Aliyev held talks in Geneva, Switzerland, described as “constructive”… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: November 16-17 2017

Asia/Africa update: November 4-5 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN US airstrikes in Kunduz province on Saturday reportedly killed “scores” of Afghan civilians: The airstrikes in Kunduz on Friday night targeted three villages in Chardara, a district west of the provincial capital where Taliban fighters have long maintained a strong presence.   Afghan security forces prevented access to the bomb sites in Essa… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: November 4-5 2017

Asia/Australia/Africa update (with Bonus Blob Rant): July 6 2017

As I said on Sunday, this week was going to be a little abbreviated around here, and in that vein today’s updates will be our last until Sunday evening. Thanks for reading! NORTH KOREA To recap: North Korea has a functioning intercontinental ballistic missile, one that would potentially allow Pyongyang to strike the United States… Continue reading Asia/Australia/Africa update (with Bonus Blob Rant): July 6 2017

Asia/Australia/Africa update: July 1-2 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghan politics look like they’re about to get more chaotic: Leaders of Afghanistan’s three major ethnic minority political parties, all of whom hold senior positions in the government, announced from Turkey Saturday that they have formed a coalition to save Afghanistan from chaos, issued a list of demands for reforms by President Ashraf… Continue reading Asia/Australia/Africa update: July 1-2 2017

Middle East update: May 24 2017

IRAQ Iraqi authorities are starting to climb down from their predictions that they would have Mosul fully liberated by the start of Ramadan, which is likely to be sundown on Friday. The assault on the Old City, ISIS’s main remaining stronghold, hasn’t even begun, and it would be a complete shock if the Iraqis were… Continue reading Middle East update: May 24 2017