World update: May 10 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A tangential side-effect of the Saudi conflicts with Iran and Qatar is that the Saudis have of late been participating in international efforts to isolate the Taliban. Both Qatar and Iran have relationships with the Taliban, so this allows the Saudis to appear the righteous and loyal US allies. But the Saudis are… Continue reading World update: May 10 2018

Middle East update: April 17 2018

SYRIA So that report yesterday that somebody had fired missiles at a Syrian airbase near Homs? False alarm, according to the Syrian government. Perhaps even a cyber attack staged by the US and/or Israel, according to one anonymous “commander” of pro-government forces in Syria. Pro-government forces are reportedly gearing up for a move against Yarmouk,… Continue reading Middle East update: April 17 2018

Conflict update: May 5 2017

FRANCE France’s runoff election is this Sunday, and active campaigning ended today, so there shouldn’t be any more major developme– With mere minutes to go before the end of active campaigning in France’s presidential election on Friday evening, front-runner Emmanuel Macron’s campaign released a statement saying it had been the victim of a “massive” computer… Continue reading Conflict update: May 5 2017