World update: December 8-9 2018

ASIA ARMENIA As expected, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s One Step Alliance won a resounding victory in Sunday’s Armenian parliamentary election. One Step reportedly came away with over 70 percent of the vote, albeit with relatively low (around 49 percent) turnout. Election observers have yet to weigh in on any potential irregularities. AFGHANISTAN Taliban fighters attacked a… Continue reading World update: December 8-9 2018

World update: December 3 2018

OPEC OPEC members are meeting in Vienna on Thursday, and most expectations are that they’ll agree on a 500,000 barrel per day cut in oil production in order to boost prices. If they do it probably won’t go over well with Donald Trump, and OPEC members have to be cognizant of his mood swings as… Continue reading World update: December 3 2018

Europe/Americas update: June 20 2018

WORLD REFUGEE DAY John Feffer has some thoughts about how the world is treating refugees on World Refugee Day: This week, as the international community marks World Refugee Day, 22.5 million people have fled their countries to seek refuge elsewhere. In 2016, a mere 189,000 were resettled. That’s less than 1 percent. It’s as if… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 20 2018

Conflict update: December 20 2016

Germany The death toll from yesterday’s truck attack in Berlin is now up to 12, and ISIS has claimed responsibility. Their statement used language that the terror group typically uses to describe “inspired”/”lone wolf” attacks for which it later claims credit. To make matters worse, the man who was arrested last night on the belief… Continue reading Conflict update: December 20 2016

Worst roller coaster ever

If you’re the kind of person who pays attention to oil prices, then first of all I share your pain and alienation, but second of all, you may have noticed that it’s been doing a lot of rising and falling lately around a midpoint of about $48-$49/barrel. We seem to be in the middle of… Continue reading Worst roller coaster ever

Cheap oil claims a victim

I won’t pretend to have anything more than a general basic awareness of Venezuelan politics, so if you’re here looking for deep insight into yesterday’s elections, you’re in the wrong place. I’m not much of an expert on the global energy market, while we’re at it. But I do know one thing, I think: a… Continue reading Cheap oil claims a victim

Saudi Arabia and oil prices

If I were a steadily employed person who regularly commuted to a workplace and had to fill his tank frequently, I’d probably be harping about low gas prices all the time. “Have you seen how low gas has gotten?” I’d say. “Man, gas was twice this expensive just a few months ago,” I would remark,… Continue reading Saudi Arabia and oil prices