World update: March 5 2018

ASIA PAKISTAN The broad realignment of South Asian geopolitics is really going full-bore these days. There’s the burgeoning US-India relationship that coincides with serious problems in the US-Pakistan relationship, and the reverse is happening in Russia’s relations with both countries. The Russia-India relationship remains pretty strong at the moment, but it might not for much… Continue reading World update: March 5 2018

Asia/Africa update: November 27 2017

Obviously I’ve been away for a bit. I’m not going to even begin to cover everything that’s happened in the past week, but I will try to get caught up on a few major things. ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghanistan’s next general election is scheduled for July, and as you may know Ashraf Ghani just canned the… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: November 27 2017

Conflict update: March 13 2017

TURKEY A few hours ago Ankara turned its diplomatic dispute with the Netherlands up to 11 by barring the Dutch ambassador from returning to Turkey and announcing that it was suspending diplomatic relations with Amsterdam. The Turkish government further said that it was closing its airspace to Dutch diplomats and that it would pursue action… Continue reading Conflict update: March 13 2017

Conflict update: December 1

Syria I wasn’t planning on doing one of these tonight, and this one may not be as comprehensive as these usually are, but I feel compelled to say something about the amazing, ongoing cucking of Tayyip Erdoğan at Vladimir Putin’s hands. Amberin Zaman has been covering this for Al-Monitor, and it’s really something else. Two… Continue reading Conflict update: December 1

Ethiopia’s domino effect

Early this month, something horrific happened at an Oromo Irreechaa celebration/impromptu political protest in the central Ethiopian town of Bishoftu. The Ethiopian government says its police fired warning shots into the air in response to “troublemakers” in the 2 million-plus crowd attending the festival, and those shots triggered a stampede that killed more than 50… Continue reading Ethiopia’s domino effect

Ethiopia blinks, a little, sort of

After nine weeks and an estimated 140 deaths, the Ethiopian government on Wednesday finally made a big concession to the Oromos who have been protesting against it: it agreed to suspend its plan to expand the city of Addis Ababa into Oromian land. Unfortunately its statement about the decision suggests that it has no real… Continue reading Ethiopia blinks, a little, sort of

Death toll mounts in Ethiopian violence

Protests have continued among Ethiopia’s Oromo community, and while the government is still insisting that only five people have been killed, independent estimates have put the rising death toll at somewhere around 75 people. The State Department interjected itself into the situation on Friday, expressing its “concern” over the deaths and “urg[ing] the government of… Continue reading Death toll mounts in Ethiopian violence