Middle East update: November 7 2017

This is going to be our only update tonight. I'll double up on the rest of the world tomorrow. IRAQ Per Musings on Iraq, Turkmen forces responsible for looting and violence in Tuz Kharmato during the Iraqi advance on Kirkuk last month are trying to claim that it was the retreating Kurds who damaged and … Continue reading Middle East update: November 7 2017


Europe/Americas update: September 16-17 2017

EUROPE CYPRUS Oh boy, this is a bit embarrassing: A leaked list of names of those who have benefited from Cyprus’s citizenship-by-investment programmes represents a detailed insight into the panoply of clients behind schemes providing passports to the super rich. It also reveals the extent to which interest from the Russian and Ukrainian elite has driven … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: September 16-17 2017