World update: March 11 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The Taliban carried out an attack on an Afghan military base in Badghis province on Monday, killing or capturing the entire company of soldiers there. The attackers reportedly killed 16 Afghan soldiers and took another 40 prisoner. The Taliban has been focusing its efforts on Baghdis province’s Bala Murghab district, which provincial officials… Continue reading World update: March 11 2019

World update: March 8 2019

MIDDLE EAST SYRIA The Syrian Democratic Forces militia has given the people remaining in Baghouz until Saturday afternoon to evacuate/surrender before it resumes its offensive to take the town from ISIS. Thousands of people have fled Baghouz over the past few weeks in response to the SDF’s advance, mostly civilians but with a few hundred… Continue reading World update: March 8 2019

World update: February 26 2019

ASIA GEORGIA Georgia’s ruling party appears to be slowly breaking up: A series of defections from the ruling Georgian Dream party has left the party without the dominant majority it held in parliament and has exposed a growing fault line in the party ahead of elections next year. Over the last several days, four GD… Continue reading World update: February 26 2019

World update: December 8-9 2018

ASIA ARMENIA As expected, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s One Step Alliance won a resounding victory in Sunday’s Armenian parliamentary election. One Step reportedly came away with over 70 percent of the vote, albeit with relatively low (around 49 percent) turnout. Election observers have yet to weigh in on any potential irregularities. AFGHANISTAN Taliban fighters attacked a… Continue reading World update: December 8-9 2018

World update: October 30 2018

ASIA KAZAKHSTAN Central Asia analyst Natalie Hall considers who might eventually succeed 78 year old Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev: Kazakhstan’s power structure, like many post-Soviet states, is pyramidic in nature. From his seat of power at the top, a series of patronage networks flows down the ranks of government, distributing money, favors, and power to… Continue reading World update: October 30 2018

Europe/Americas update: October 10 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA Finnish media is reporting that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin may meet in Helsinki again next spring. Hey, it was so much fun the first time around, why not? ROMANIA Romanian Defense Minister Mihai Fifor warned at a conference on Wednesday that Russia “is using the Black Sea to project force in the eastern… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: October 10 2018

Europe/Americas update: August 28 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA I’m sure this is fine. Really, just very OK and normal: Russia is mobilizing for its biggest military exercise since the height of the Cold War, the Kremlin says, citing a tense international climate that is “frequently aggressive and unfriendly towards us.” The exercises, which are set to involve nearly 300,000 Russian troops,… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: August 28 2018