Conflict update: May 6-7 2017

Friends, now that Western Civilization has been made safe for fiscally prudent centrist capitalism again, I think I’m going to take a bit of an irregular schedule this week barring something really extraordinary happening. I have several reasons for this: one, I have another project I need to try to finish; two, in general I could… Continue reading Conflict update: May 6-7 2017

The second Iraqi front

In an operation that looks like the twin brother (sister?) of the SDF’s recent activity north of Raqqa, in Syria, American Special Forces are embedded with Kurdish Peshmerga in an operation that is approaching, but will likely stop short of, the city of Mosul, in Iraq: The operation is the largest by the Kurds in… Continue reading The second Iraqi front

Winning a battle at the cost of the war

The good news in Iraq is that the Iraqi army, with outside assistance, was finally able to dislodge ISIS from the city of Tikrit last week in what is easily the paramilitary group’s worst defeat since its major Iraqi offensive began early last year. It’s almost always better to win a battle than to lose… Continue reading Winning a battle at the cost of the war

Just when we thought we were out

We’re bombing Iraq again: U.S. fighter jets bombed an Islamic State position outside Irbil on Friday, the first use of munitions by American forces since President Barack Obama authorized military action to defend the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan from Islamist attack. In a statement, Pentagon spokesman Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby said that the strike… Continue reading Just when we thought we were out

Another IS offensive leads to another humanitarian crisis

The Islamic State and its allies have defeated the Kurdish peshmerga and taken control of the Mosul Dam, north of Mosul itself on the Tigris River, as well as Sinjar, a town to the west of Mosul that is home to many of Iraq’s Yazidi people. They now also control the Batma and Ain Zalah… Continue reading Another IS offensive leads to another humanitarian crisis