Europe/Americas update: March 14-15 2019

EUROPE POLAND It's nice to see Polish media keeping it classy: A Polish-language weekly, Only Poland, was reportedly spotted at Poland’s Parliament on Wednesday with a front-page offering to inform readers “How to spot a Jew.” Listed were markers such as “Names, anthropological features, expressions, appearances, character traits, methods of operation” and “disinformation activities.” The … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: March 14-15 2019


World update: February 20 2019

We're having a snow day here and the news seems a little slow today anyway (or maybe my brain just isn't working very well). So today's update will be a little shorter than usual. MIDDLE EAST SYRIA Increasingly it looks like ISIS's remaining fighters in Baghouz are down to their last few days or even hours. The convoy sent into town by the Syrian Democratic Forces on Tuesday to evacuate the area's remaining civilian population finally left on Wednesday, with a number … Continue reading World update: February 20 2019

Europe/Americas update: February 16-17 2019

EUROPE POLAND Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Sunday canceled a planned trip to Israel on Tuesday for a summit of the Visegrád Group (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic), and his government summoned the Israeli ambassador. The Poles are angry over a comment Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made recently in Israeli media … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: February 16-17 2019

Europe/Americas update: November 10-11 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump did not talk about the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty in their brief encounter during Armistice Day festivities in Paris. So...OK then. Presumably they didn't talk about it because Trump isn't interested in reversing his decision to withdraw from it, but what do I know. UKRAINE Separatist governments in … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: November 10-11 2018