Reflexive bothsiderism

In case you’ve been out of the loop for the past couple of weeks, the city of Flint, Michigan, was poisoning its citizens via their water supply from April 2014 through December. This catastrophic failure occurred because of a short-sighted austerity measure put in place by Michigan’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder and the emergency manager… Continue reading Reflexive bothsiderism

Bill Kristol gets a thing wrong

Sorry for the light posting today. I wound up getting called up to do a TV spot, which necessitated an emergency trip to a barber, which necessitated a long wait at the barber, and, well, the whole day didn’t allow much time for writing. I did manage to compile a long collection of tweets by… Continue reading Bill Kristol gets a thing wrong

Everything is always “lurching left”; that’s the point

Canada elected a Liberal government yesterday, and the new Prime Minister-elect, Justin Trudeau, actually looks like he’s…a pretty doctrinaire centrist (in Canadian politics, the Liberal Party is on the center-left, as opposed to the Liberal Party in Australia, which is center-right, because every place that isn’t America is a land of many contrasts). Of course,… Continue reading Everything is always “lurching left”; that’s the point

From the “comebacks that don’t make any sense” file

Kaili Joy Gray at Wonkette celebrates disgraced racist Pat Buchanan’s return to MSNBC: But MSNBC has fallen off the wagon and gone on a major bender, because Pat is back to pimp his newest book, Why I’d Still Get On My Knees And Fellate My Hero Richard Nixon If I Could, and the “Morning Joe”… Continue reading From the “comebacks that don’t make any sense” file

Great moments in pundit-shaming

When’s the last time we saw an Opinion Leader publicly called out like this over the fact that he’s been demonstrably wrong about, oh, pretty much everything he’s been saying for the past five years? Maybe Megyn Kelly and her Dick Cheney interview, but that assumes that Cheney is an Opinion Leader, which assumes that… Continue reading Great moments in pundit-shaming

So, they’re just like pundits, then?

One of Sullivan’s readers tries to find some common ground with him on the subjects of Mozilla’s decision to promote and promptly fire accept the resignation of would-be CEO Brendan Eich (because he donated to support the awful Prop 8 campaign in California) and Brandeis University’s decision to extend and promptly revoke an offer to… Continue reading So, they’re just like pundits, then?


Why do you keep fighting all the time, Paul Krugman and Nate Silver? Is it our fault? Are you guys getting a divorce? OH GOD PLEASE DON’T GET A DIVORCE WE’LL BE GOOD WE SWEAR!!!!!11! OK, so is this Krugman-Silver pas de dweeb (I kid!) really something we’re supposed to care about? The new FiveThirtyEight… Continue reading LEAVE NATE SILVER ALOOONE