Who are you gonna believe, Paul LePage or your lying ears?

Maine Governor Paul LePage, whom you may remember from such verbal diarrhea as “Hey, kid, I’d like to shoot your dad because of his political cartoons,” “I want to find the [Portland] Press Herald building and blow it up,” (that’s verbatim, though he was talking about a flight simulator, I think), and “President Obama hates… Continue reading Who are you gonna believe, Paul LePage or your lying ears?

All Trumped out

I know I’m supposed to have a Take on big news, especially when it relates to foreign affairs, terrorism, and politics, but I have to say that I’ve got nothing when it comes to Donald Trump’s latest garbage. It’s far too late in the process to say that Trump is a joke candidate, but he… Continue reading All Trumped out

Reaping the whirlwind

I’d be offended at Iowa audiences calling Bobby Jindal an “anchor baby” (he’s not) if the whole “anchor baby” phenomenon weren’t a product of the dankest parts of the right-wing conspiracy fever swamp that Jindal and his fellow Republicans have been cultivating for the past four decades plus. But as it is, I can’t feel… Continue reading Reaping the whirlwind

Well, if anybody should know…

Noted civil rights pioneer Mike Huckabee (R-YouSureYouReallyWantToGoHere) on the Black Lives Matter movement: “When I hear people scream, ‘black lives matter,’ I’m thinking, ‘Of course they do.’ But all lives matter. It’s not that any life matters more than another,” Huckabee told Blitzer. “That’s the whole message that Dr. King tried to present, and I… Continue reading Well, if anybody should know…

Donald Trump and the real Republican Party

The firestorm over leading Republican presidential contender Donald Trump’s ugly comments on John McCain’s military service has been telling. There’s no doubt that what Trump said about McCain was disgusting, particularly coming from somebody who spent his war-eligible years taking deferments. But what does it say about the Republican Party that a guy who has… Continue reading Donald Trump and the real Republican Party

Quite a coincidence

Mt. Zion AME Church in Greeleyville, South Carolina, caught on fire last night. Now, there are lots of reasons why a building might catch on fire, including lightning, which was a possibility last night as strong thunderstorms swept up the entire eastern seaboard. Understandably, the investigators looking into any particular fire need to consider all… Continue reading Quite a coincidence

Why is it so hard to admit that it’s racism?

As the dust settles from Wednesday night’s horrific attack on the Emanuel Church in Charleston, some of America’s keenest thought leaders are furrowing their brows in wonderment over what could have possessed 21 year old Dylann Storm Roof to commit such violence upon 9 other human beings. So far, all we have to go on… Continue reading Why is it so hard to admit that it’s racism?