Facts actually do matter

Last night Marco Rubio said something factually incorrect about welders and philosophers: During the fourth Republican debate, Marco Rubio picked up a point touched on by Rick Santorum in the undercard debate earlier in the night. “Welders,” Rubio said, “make more money than philosophers.” Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler looked at the idea, but we… Continue reading Facts actually do matter

I found Ben Carson’s new campaign slogan

I didn’t watch the debate last night. Maybe I’ll never watch another presidential debate again. I don’t know. But I do know that the prospect of watching the best and brightest in the “Screw the Poor” party hold a debate on the “Screw the Poor” cable network was just too much for me to bear.… Continue reading I found Ben Carson’s new campaign slogan

Full credit for faking it

I spared myself most of last night’s low-budget remake of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie marathon Republican debate, but the conventional wisdom seems to be coalescing over a couple of related points: Donald Trump was the night’s big loser, in part because Carly Fiorina was the night’s big winner Now, the media that appears to… Continue reading Full credit for faking it

The Roger Ailes Primary rolls on

Donald Trump is complaining that he was treated unfairly by the three Fox News moderators in last night’s debate, and while nobody should take any of Donald Trump’s whining at face value, it seems pretty clear that the moderators were playing favorites to some degree. While the moderators, especially Megyn Kelly, are getting praised for… Continue reading The Roger Ailes Primary rolls on

Here are a bunch of crazy things that got said in the GOP debates yesterday

Despite feeling like I would much rather have been regrouting the bathroom tile or mulching my yard or something, I really did try to watch both of the Republican debates yesterday. I guess I could try to write some kind of analytical thing about what was said, but as that would risk imparting a level… Continue reading Here are a bunch of crazy things that got said in the GOP debates yesterday