Conflict update: May 5 2017

FRANCE France’s runoff election is this Sunday, and active campaigning ended today, so there shouldn’t be any more major developme– With mere minutes to go before the end of active campaigning in France’s presidential election on Friday evening, front-runner Emmanuel Macron’s campaign released a statement saying it had been the victim of a “massive” computer… Continue reading Conflict update: May 5 2017

It’s always the cover-up

The investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, and the assorted wiretapping allegations that have accompanied it, have to be turned over to an independent investigator or, at least, a select Congressional committee with equal Republican and Democratic membership. I say this as somebody who remains largely unconvinced that this story is as big a… Continue reading It’s always the cover-up

These gasses aren’t going to light themselves

Devin Nunes, chair of the House Intelligence Committee (MOTTO: “Searching for Intelligence in the House of Representatives Since 1977”), contributed his best effort yesterday to the ongoing Republican war on objective reality. With the White House facing Congressional investigation over alleged Trump campaign ties to Russia and over President Trump’s thus-far completely unsupported accusation that… Continue reading These gasses aren’t going to light themselves

Paul Ryan: Policy Wank

Wonky graphs. A laser-point-y thing. Rolled-up sleeves and an attentive audience. @SpeakerRyan is so happy right now — Amber Phillips (@byamberphillips) March 9, 2017 OH. MY. GAWD. He’s so wonky and neat! And so smart! Other politicians don’t get into the policy and really understand it the way Paul–I’m allowed to call him Paul,… Continue reading Paul Ryan: Policy Wank

More than one way to skin a very crooked cat

Here’s a little tip from the Republican Party for all you little people out there: make your own world. Don’t rely on others to get the job done for you. Only you can control your destiny. It’s on your shoulders. That’s the American way. For example, if you are having a problem adhering to basic… Continue reading More than one way to skin a very crooked cat

Donald Trump’s “Kiss My Ass Club”

Here’s a confession: I used to watch a lot of pro wrestling when I was a kid. I’m dating myself, but Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Randy Savage (my favorite), all those guys, I watched as much of the old WWF as I could. If you don’t know anything about pro wrestling, there used to… Continue reading Donald Trump’s “Kiss My Ass Club”

Nothing has changed

Yesterday, Donald Trump was a bully. Today, Donald Trump is a bully. Tomorrow, Donald Trump will be a bully. Yesterday, Donald Trump was a racist. In 1989, Donald Trump was a racist. In 2014, Donald Trump was a racist. Today, Donald Trump is a racist. Tomorrow, Donald Trump will be a racist. Yesterday, Donald Trump… Continue reading Nothing has changed