Middle East update: March 17-18 2018

SYRIA Turkish forces and their Syrian rebel proxies swarmed into Afrin city on Sunday and by the end of the day claimed that they’d taken complete control over the city. The YPG has been denying that the city has fallen but in the end it seems their fighters evacuated without putting up much of a… Continue reading Middle East update: March 17-18 2018

Rex Tillerson update: March 13 2018

So Rex Tillerson is out as US Secretary of State, effective April 1 (though he’s handed over all his responsibilities to his deputy, John Sullivan, in the meantime). This is big news, inasmuch as the firing of any Secretary of State would be big news. The US Secretary of State is a very important person–he… Continue reading Rex Tillerson update: March 13 2018

Asia/Africa update: March 12 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The Taliban captured the Anardarah district of Farah province on Monday morning before being driven back out of the area later in the day by Afghan reinforcements and air support. Farah province has become a serious battleground, given its proximity to Taliban strongholds in Helmand province and its position along western smuggling routes into… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: March 12 2018

World update: March 9 2018

MIDDLE EAST SYRIA A United Nations official named Sajjad Malik, who has been involved with trying to get relief convoys into Eastern Ghouta this week, has apparently confirmed, at least to some extent, Russian claims that rebels are trying to prevent civilians from leaving via the “humanitarian corridor” Russia says it’s opening up during the… Continue reading World update: March 9 2018

World update: March 6 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN At least two people were killed in Nangarhar province on Tuesday by a sticky bomb attached to a fuel truck. At least three people were wounded, and a number of buildings seem to have been damaged. There’s been no claim of responsibility. INDIA Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visited India a couple of weeks ago… Continue reading World update: March 6 2018

Middle East update: March 5 2018

SYRIA All you fans of superfluous American missile strikes might want to start getting ready for Operation Do Something About Syria, Volume 2: The Trump administration has considered new military action against the Syrian government in response to reports of ongoing chemical weapons use, officials said, raising the prospect of a second U.S. strike on… Continue reading Middle East update: March 5 2018

Middle East update: February 10-11 2018

SYRIA Olympics or not, it was quite a weekend in Syria. To cut to the chase: an Israeli F-16 was shot down by Syrian air defenses on Saturday morning. This was after an Israeli helicopter shot down what the Israelis say was an Iranian drone that had crossed into Israeli airspace. The Israeli military later… Continue reading Middle East update: February 10-11 2018