Asia/Africa update: June 21 2018

ASIA UZBEKISTAN Voice of America’s Navbahor Imamova believes that the US should help bolster what increasingly appears to be a genuine reform effort underway in Uzbekistan: Americans stand to benefit from progress in the largest country in Central Asia. Just north of war-torn Afghanistan, a successful Uzbekistan would be a more reliable partner, not just in… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: June 21 2018

Conflict update: December 13, 2016

Lots to cover today, unfortunately. Syria Russia’s UN ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, told the UN Security Council today that the Syrian government is now fully in control of Aleppo and that military operations in the city have stopped. Now, this is the second or third, or tenth or whatever, time that the Russians have said the… Continue reading Conflict update: December 13, 2016

South Sudan’s civil war has been very profitable, and it may be turning even uglier

Last month, an investigative organization called The Sentry published a report showing that the nearly three year long civil war in South Sudan has been, among other things, a cover for the looting of the country by two “kleptocratic networks”–one headed by South Sudanese President Salva Kiir and the other by his former VP and… Continue reading South Sudan’s civil war has been very profitable, and it may be turning even uglier

South Sudan’s path out of civil war?

I’m really into the “can’t write anymore” portion of our August vacation, but I wanted to highlight a piece I posted at LobeLog this morning from former US Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of State Herman Cohen, on South Sudan. Usually when we cover South Sudan around here, I try to stick to telling you what’s… Continue reading South Sudan’s path out of civil war?

South Sudan’s time loop

I know it’s late and it’s Friday, but I’ve been trying to write an update on South Sudan all week and just keep getting drawn into other things, so I’m doing it now. When last we checked in on the world’s newest country,  in ealy July, the fragile peace that had interrupted its ~two year… Continue reading South Sudan’s time loop

South Sudan’s progress toward peace

This news is so last week (literally), but the South Sudanese government and the rebels it’s been fighting since December 2013 announced last Thursday that they’d reached an agreement on a power-sharing arrangement that could finally lead to an end to their civil war: The ministries of finance, defense, justice, and information will go to… Continue reading South Sudan’s progress toward peace