Middle East update: February 14 2019

SYRIA It turns out that ISIS has been shooting at people trying to flee its last Syrian enclave around Baghouz, even when those people are the wives of ISIS fighters. "Hundreds" of women and children have left Baghouz and made it to the Syrian Democratic Forces' line around the enclave, and some of them have … Continue reading Middle East update: February 14 2019


World update part 2: February 9-10 2019

Tonight's updates didn't really fit into any of my usual groupings, but they were too long for one post, so I mashed them together as best I could. OCEANIA AUSTRALIA Although Prime Minister Scott Morrison's approval rating is up and a plurality of Australians prefer him as PM over Labor Party leader Bill shorten, Labor is nevertheless ahead of Morrison's coalition in the latest head-to-head polling, 53 percent to 47 percent. Australia's next election is coming in May (for state … Continue reading World update part 2: February 9-10 2019

Europe/Americas update: February 6 2019

EUROPE RUSSIA With the collapse of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, Vladimir Putin wants his military to develop "invincible" hypersonic missiles as a threat/deterrent to the United States. Or at least he wants people to think that's what he wants his military to do. With Russia's economy perpetually in tatters there's little reason to think … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: February 6 2019