Mosul/Aleppo update, October 24

  Mosul ISIS’s two largest diversionary attacks have continued apace. In Kirkuk, it seems the heaviest fighting is over for the most part, with over 160 people dead on both sides, but it’s very likely that some ISIS operatives still remain in the city and could be capable of launching attacks, including suicide bombings. This… Continue reading Mosul/Aleppo update, October 24

Mosul/Aleppo/Yemen update, October 23

Mosul Kurdish forces attacked Bashiqa, another village a short distance east of Mosul. The Kurds claim that they “completely control” Bashiqa now, but it’s not entirely clear what they mean by that and it’s very likely that some ISIS fighters still remain in the town. Nevertheless, it’s being reported that the Peshmerga have advanced to… Continue reading Mosul/Aleppo/Yemen update, October 23