World update: July 12 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A likely Taliban attack on a military post in Kunduz province killed at least 15 Afghan soldiers on Thursday, though some estimates had the toll as high as 30. A separate likely Taliban attack on a police checkpoint in Farah province left four police officers dead. Additionally, a US service member died of … Continue reading World update: July 12 2018


Asia/Africa update: January 25 2018

ASIA AFGHANISTAN The Chinese government is denying reports from Russian and other media that it's planning to build a military base in Afghanistan's Badakhshan province. So I guess that, uh, settles it...? PAKISTAN American and Pakistani officials are peddling two different accounts of Wednesday's drone strike that reportedly killed at least one Haqqani Network bigshot … Continue reading Asia/Africa update: January 25 2018

Asia/Africa update: October 23 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Rex Tillerson's remarks during his surprise visit to Afghanistan on Monday didn't offer much of note, though he did reiterate a Trump administration interest in negotiating with "moderate" Taliban. Tillerson said that "there's a the government" for any Taliban who renounce violence. However, Tillerson's visit itself did cause a bit of a … Continue reading Asia/Africa update: October 23 2017

Asia/Africa update: August 31 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN A mine killed three police officers in Afghanistan's western Farah province on Wednesday, while another mine in the country's eastern Paktya province killed a man trying to disarm it on Thursday. Fortunately, help (?) is on the way, I guess. US Defense Secretary James Mattis on Thursday signed orders sending more American soldiers to … Continue reading Asia/Africa update: August 31 2017