World update: January 13-14 2018

By way of a site update, with tomorrow being a holiday in the US I’m not 100 percent sure I’ll be blogging. If not then I’ll be back on Tuesday with two days’ worth of bad news. ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghan officials say that peace talks are underway in Turkey between Kabul and the Taliban. They’ve… Continue reading World update: January 13-14 2018

Europe/Americas update: August 2 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA As expected–he really didn’t have much choice considering Congress could’ve and would’ve overridden his veto–President Trump signed into law a bill levying sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korean on Wednesday. While I would argue that the bill has greater ramifications with respect to Iran–it designates the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: August 2 2017

Conflict update, April 26 2017

SYRIA UPDATE: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting that there’s been an explosion and fire at Damascus International Airport. No cause has been suggested. As promised, the French government has produced proof that Bashar al-Assad’s government was behind the April 4 chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun–and as expected, it’s somewhat less than meets… Continue reading Conflict update, April 26 2017

Conflict update: February 8 2017

#ThanksTrump Of the many unconscionable things Donald Trump has done in the not-even-three-weeks since he became president, this would be among the most unconscionable: The leaked draft of a presidential memorandum Donald Trump is expected to sign within days suspends a 2010 rule that discouraged American companies from funding conflict and human rights abuses in the… Continue reading Conflict update: February 8 2017

Conflict update: February 7 2017

OK, so…this could get long. Sorry. That’s what happens when I’m away for a few days. #ThanksTrump I almost feel like I should start each of these with a quick roundup of the miscellaneous ways Donald Trump is fucking up around the world. For example: When President Trump makes a formal state visit to the… Continue reading Conflict update: February 7 2017

Welcome to 2017: changing borders

One of the more optimistic things to consider heading into the new year is that there’s a genuine possibility that 2017 will finally see an accord reached in Cyprus. Back in July 1974, a coup by the Cypriot National Guard, supported by Greece, installed a government that, by most accounts, was there simply to steer… Continue reading Welcome to 2017: changing borders

[ADVISORY: Adult Content] Why Brexit might, but probably won’t, lead to Sexit

Later this month Britons will head to the polls to vote on whether or not the UK should remain in the European Union, AKA “Brexit.” Some very recent pollingvery recent polling suggests that support for leaving the EU has surged to around 55% of the British electorate, so there seems like a pretty fair chance… Continue reading [ADVISORY: Adult Content] Why Brexit might, but probably won’t, lead to Sexit