Europe/Americas update: April 20 2018

EUROPE SLOVAKIA World War II is back in the news this week, and good for it I guess. Not only was there that massive unexploded bomb discovered in Berlin, which was disarmed on Friday after forcing a major evacuation of part of the city, but four smaller unexploded Soviet bombs were discovered in a field … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: April 20 2018


Europe/Americas update: January 31 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA Russian journalist Kamil Galeev reports on Moscow's efforts to stifle separatist impulses in one of its own troublesome ethnic regions--Tatarstan: In September 2017, Russia’s central government started to enforce Putin’s instructions and push local governments into abolishing local language courses in the ethnic republics. Such measures, introduced at the beginning of an academic … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: January 31 2018

World update: January 18 2018

ASIA KASHMIR At least four people--three of them civilians--were killed on Thursday during an exchange of mortar and gunfire across the Kashmiri line of control. Both Pakistani and Indian forces accused the other side of shooting first. INDIA India, meanwhile, tested a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile on Thursday, and while your immediate inclination might be … Continue reading World update: January 18 2018

Europe/Americas update: November 7-8 2017

EUROPE RUSSIA/UKRAINE Ukraine is apparently thinking about cutting all diplomatic ties with Russia, a move that the Kremlin told reporters on Wednesday would not be in either country's interests. LITHUANIA Lithuanian Defense Minister Raimundas Karoblis expects NATO to agree to permanently station anti-aircraft defenses in the Baltics and/or Poland at its 2018 summit. HUNGARY Viktor Orbán's fixation … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: November 7-8 2017