Europe/Americas update: April 1 2019

EUROPE UKRAINE Although there are still some votes to be counted, comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy has won a clear victory in Sunday’s first round of the Ukrainian presidential election, finishing with just over 30 percent against incumbent Petro Poroshenko at just under 16 percent. Obviously Zelenskiy didn’t get over 50 percent to avoid the April 21 … Continue reading Europe/Americas update: April 1 2019


World update: March 30-31 2019

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Afghan Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum survived an assassination attempt on Saturday that left one of his bodyguards dead. Taliban fighters attacked Dostum's convoy in Balkh province, kicking off an hourlong gun battle. Dostum has now survived two assassination attempts (the first one made by ISIS) since returning from self-imposed exile in Turkey … Continue reading World update: March 30-31 2019

World update: August 2 2018

ASIA TAJIKISTAN Not willing to let a good crisitunity pass, the Tajik government has reportedly already tried, convicted, and sentenced 14 members of the outlawed Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan for their alleged involvement in a hit-and-run attack that killed four bicyclists just earlier this week. Talk about speedy justice. ISIS claimed responsibility for that attack, … Continue reading World update: August 2 2018