Europe/Americas update: August 29 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA While refusing to entirely do away with his government’s proposed retirement age increase, Russian President Vladimir Putin did tone down the plan a bit on Wednesday by lowering the proposed new retirement age for women to 60, down from 63 in the initial proposal (though still up from 55 currently). Putin argued that… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: August 29 2018

Europe/Americas update: August 8 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA The United States announced on Wednesday that it is imposing sanctions on Russia over the Sergei Skripol/novichok affair in the United Kingdom. At this point that amounts to “restrictions on the export of sensitive technology,” but if Russia doesn’t allow international inspections to determine whether or not it’s manufacturing chemical and biological weapons–which… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: August 8 2018

Europe/Americas update: July 23 2018

EUROPE EUROPEAN UNION Engorged tick Steve Bannon has founded a new organization to help Europeans better embrace their racism: Trump’s former White House chief advisor told The Daily Beast that he is setting up a foundation in Europe called The Movement which he hopes will lead a right-wing populist revolt across the continent starting with… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: July 23 2018

Europe/Americas update: July 18-19 2018

EUROPE John Feffer puts Donald Trump’s eventful European trip in the context of the global Euroskeptic movement: Why on earth would Trump embark on this surrealistic misadventure in foreign policy? True, his first instinct seems to be to disrupt. His statements also reveal his preference for “strong” leaders over “weak.” Perhaps, as some intelligence community… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: July 18-19 2018

Europe/Americas update: July 6 2018

EUROPE Migration is the issue that’s been roiling European politics for weeks months years now. It’s the issue that inspired Italians to elect a government full of reactionary racists, that inspired Austrians to elect a government full of neo-Nazis, and that recently almost took down Angela Merkel’s already weak coalition in Germany. But according to… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: July 6 2018

Europe/Americas update: June 16-18 2018

EUROPE RUSSIA Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin may be holding a summit in the next few weeks. Rumor has it that they’re looking at a meeting in Vienna while Trump is in Europe prior to a July 11-12 NATO meeting in Brussels. Meanwhile, the Federation of American Scientists says that satellite imagery shows Russia “hardening”… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 16-18 2018

Europe/Americas update: June 5 2018

There are new things on the horizon here, at my Patreon site, and elsewhere. Please check it out! UNITED NATIONS Ecuadorean Foreign Minister María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés will be the next president of the United Nations General Assembly after winning Tuesday’s vote. She is only the fourth woman to hold that office in the UN’s history.… Continue reading Europe/Americas update: June 5 2018