Middle East update: August 5-7 2017

SYRIA Bashar al-Assad’s military is on the offensive again, on two fronts. In Homs province, they were able to capture the town of Sukhna from ISIS on Sunday, which should be the last serious ISIS obstacle between Assad’s forces and besieged Deir Ezzor. Meanwhile, Assad’s air force has been bombing the Damascus suburb of Ein… Continue reading Middle East update: August 5-7 2017

Asia/Africa update: June 26 2017

ASIA AFGHANISTAN Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford is in Afghanistan this week to try to put together a strategy to go along with the decision to send thousands of additional American forces to that country to try to turn around its war with the Taliban. The additional forces should, in theory,… Continue reading Asia/Africa update: June 26 2017

Conflict update: March 8 2017

WIKILEAKS I haven’t been able to read much more about the Vault 7 CIA hacking data dump today, and at any rate I readily admit that cybersecurity is out of my purview, but I think Herb Lin makes a good point here in arguing that from the CIA’s perspective, the damage wrought by this leak–at… Continue reading Conflict update: March 8 2017

Conflict update: February 12 2017

We’re in the middle of a windstorm and I keep losing power, so I’m going to have to call it a night with a lot of stuff still left to cover. I’ll be back tomorrow though. The storm blew through and I decided to stay up late to cram everything in here. You’re welcome, or… Continue reading Conflict update: February 12 2017

Improving US-Iran relations through sports

I need your help to keep this blog going! Please read this and consider contributing something. Also, while you’re out there on the internet tubes, please consider liking this blog’s Facebook page and following me on Twitter! And please share my work with your friends/followers to help me grow the audience around here! Thank you! My… Continue reading Improving US-Iran relations through sports

Happy Gold Medal and/or Marbury v. Madison Day!

Sunday was the 35th anniversary of the “Miracle on Ice,” the amazing 1980 Winter Olympics upset of the dominant Soviet national team by the amateur US team (a team that had lost to those same Soviets 10-3 in an exhibition a couple of weeks earlier). What gets lost in the remembrance of that game is… Continue reading Happy Gold Medal and/or Marbury v. Madison Day!

Something I was just wondering

Why is it that when large organizations like sports teams are in a position where they have to “allow the judicial process to move forward,” they always seem to allow it to move forward in the most advantageous possible way for the organization? I mean, look, the judicial process could move forward just as effectively… Continue reading Something I was just wondering